About Us:

Medicine River Soap Co. began in 2018 when our then 9 year old daughter earned some money in our county 4H livestock show and she wanted to invest in a business opportunity that could help her build her savings.

Our family of six lives on a small farm in Oklahoma where we raise a variety of animals including registered Mini Nubian and standard Nubian dairy goats. We milk our goats daily and use the milk for our own consumption, to make cheese, butter, and of course ice cream, with plenty more going in the freezer for later use. Our daughter wanted to use the excess milk we had to create something, and after countless hours of researching and brainstorming, she decided to give soapmaking a try. With careful consideration and a little extra help financially, we purchased the soapmaking supplies she would need. She made her first batch of goat milk soap, with a little help from Mom, and when that first batch was sold before it even came out of the mold, we knew this was something we should invest in.

As the demand for our soap grew, so did our business. We made the decision to expand the business to include a variety of handmade skin care products, beard care for men, and even a variety of handmade crochet items. Although our middle daughter still makes the majority of the soaps, Medicine River Soap Co. is now a family venture where every one has a job. Even our youngest (2) has a job as the “official product smeller”.

Our goal is to create quality products that are natural or mostly natural that are also effective. We use only the best ingredients from the most trusted sources and work diligently to create an outstanding product that our customers will appreciate.

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